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Bosky's story begins with the remarkable life and times of a man called Zivota Boskovic.

"Bosky", as he came to be known, learned to fly in his native Yugoslavia in 1936. His life was to undergo a dramatic change with the arrival of the invading German forces in 1941. He managed to escape by air and joined the British forces in Greece.

As an RAF spitfire pilot, he eventually found himself based in Tobruk, flying directly into the battle for control of North Africa. A gifted pilot, he survived over 100 dangerous operational sorties in enemy skies.
After the war, he flew to Kenya with the RAF.

In this remote and beautiful land he found an earthly paradise, far from war-torn Europe, but offering endless opportunity to the tenacious adventurer. In 1949 he emigrated to Kenya, and began to work as a pilot, gaining a great knowledge of the country and its flying conditions. 14 years later, he bought a Cessna 182, and started his own charter business.

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